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Indicom Electric Company was incorporated in September of 1988. It was established to provide the highest electrical services to industrial and commercial markets. Indicom specializes in four areas: PLC’s (all types), Power Distribution, Instrumentation and Distributive Controls Systems.

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Indicom Electric Company


Our Inception

Indicom Electric was established in 1987 to provide the highest quality electrical service to all industrial clients in the metropolitan Chicago market. Our initial focus was on the Fortune 500 companies and slowly expanded to include service to the very small industrial client. It was our belief that industrial electricians are very different from commercial electricians, and that providing highly qualified employees to our industrial clients would prove to be beneficial to both parties. At the same time, we created a commercial division with employees dedicated to this market.


Growing With Our Customers

We believe having two sets of highly qualified employees, one for industrial work and the other for commercial work, is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors. Indicom Electric invested heavily in equipment to allow us to serve our customers as effectively as possible. The expertise and technical skills within Indicom allow us to give our customers a full compliment of services, from parking lot lighting and office additions to new process controls, all under one contract.


A Look Ahead

The current economic downturn has affected our business just like everyone else’s. Jobs are harder to get these days and the pricing has become highly competitive. Quality is much harder to achieve as the dollars are not available in our customers’ budgets for high quality equipment. More foreign equipment is being used by our industrial clients to lower prices, but much of this equipment does not perform as well and can compromise job quality. The challenge we face in the year ahead is to continue to increase our efficiency while remaining cost-competitive. Indicom Electric is committed to meeting this challenge without compromising the principles of quality and craftsmanship on which we were founded. We believe the market will continue to reward those who pride themselves on providing the highest quality product to the market at a fair price. This belief provides the framework for Indicom’s business plan and will ensure its steady growth in the years ahead.

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Indicom Electric was born and bred out of industrial environments,
and was established to serve those needs.


On October 1, 1992, Indicom relocated its main office to Joliet, Illinois. The purpose of the relocation was to consolidate the company to one central warehouse and office site, thereby streamlining operations and increasing efficiency to better serve our clients. At this time, our name was changed to Indicom Construction and Engineering Company. This was done so our customers would be aware that we were focusing our attention on our industrial client base. We provide a complete line of engineering and design build services. We are now able to develop concepts for new projects, evaluate the customer’s needs, design the installation, procure cost estimates and provide project management through a “turnkey” contract.

We offer all the advantages of an “in-house” maintenance and engineering department while being cost-effective because we are not on staff. Because we are not on staff, we do not produce overhead burdens on the client. Our business focus is to help large and small industrial clients complete projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This serves to enhance the customer’s competitive position in the marketplace. 

Indicom Electric is also a U.L. listed panel shop. We design, build, and program the PLC’s for our panels and then install them in the field.

Indicom Electric Company has proven itself invaluable to numerous companies for the following reasons:

  1. Specialization in High-Tech Manufacturing Applications.

  2. All As-built Drawings are produced with AutoCAD Release 13.

  3. Access to Electrical Engineering Support.

  4. Electrical Design and Build Capabilities.

  5. Ability to support jobs in a turnkey fashion through the coordination of all crafts and trades. Planning and scheduling capabilities are combined with on site engineering support when necessary.

  6. A core of electrical journeymen with over 100 years combined experience.

In October 1992, we reorganized and expanded our staff to target a perceived market need that most other electrical contractors had ignored, the development of project planning and turnkey electrical installations. This enables our customers to turn a concept over to us and walk away from the project with the confidence that it will be completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

In order to accommodate this market, we added Mr. Bob Cook to our full-time staff as a Superintendent. Bob came to us from Tri Electric, with over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry. Bob has been placed in charge of overseeing all major accounts, along with managing over 100 electricians. 

In August of 2004, Indicom Electric Company purchased Northgate Electric Company from Steve Stump. Northgate was a well-respected company with great employees and a 34 year track record. Indicom assimilated all employees and projects from Northgate into our organization, thus enhancing our commercial market capabilities. This acquisition brought us Louis Sylvester as a Senior Estimator for commercial projects. Louis has over 25 years of experience in the commercial market. Dennis DiPasquo is another Northgate acquisition and is competent in both the commercial and industrial markets. Dennis has over 45 years of experience.

Mr. John Young was added to our staff to direct and support all electrical control concepts and designs. John worked in the industrial environment for Johnson & Johnson for 20 years. John also builds the majority of our U.L. listed panels for our industrial clients.

In addition, Mr. Greg Hill has worked extensively for Federal Paperboard Co., Ivex Corporation and Stone Container Corporation of the paper mill industry. We feel this is another strong point of our company; the ability to understand and handle large mill machinery installations and control systems.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to profile our company to you, and for considering Indicom for all of your electrical needs. Feel free to call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment to meet with our staff on a personal basis. Meetings can be arranged at your facility and at your convenience. Any further information, financial, resumes of key personnel etc., will be furnished to you upon request.

Greg R. Hill

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Manpower and Support Staff:

Indicom Electric has a permanent staff of over 100 field electricians and usually employs 150 men during the peak construction season. We are signatory to IBEW Local #176 and IBEW Local #134. This allows us the ability to man-up a project to any level quickly and efficiently. Our foremen allow us to successfully manage and perform jobs in the sixty-man range. Our engineering branch allows us to provide AutoCAD and Technical support to assist our field electricians. This mixture is unique to the electrical contracting business and is one of the reasons we have been successful on fast track and large projects. Our expertise sets us apart as a leader in the industry.



Employee Qualifications & Experience


Greg R. Hill
President / Project Manager / Estimator
Over 50 Years Electrical Experience                        Power Distribution
Instrumentation Design Build
Process Control
PLC’s System Integration
Machinery & Control
Site & Underground Utilities
Communications & Computer Cabling


Bob Cook
Over 40 Years Electrical Experience                        Power Distribution
Design Build of Offices and Warehouses
Process Control
PLC’s System Integration
Machinery & Controls


Don Babjak
Superintendent of Citgo Refinery-Lemont
Over 30 Years Electrical Experience                        Power Distribution
Process Control
Machinery & Control Systems
High Voltage Installations

Don Babjak has been with the company since he first started his apprenticeship. He has progressed through various responsibilities and job complexities until today, when he is the Superintendent on a major refinery maintenance account. He is in charge of our maintenance contract with Citgo Refinery. He is completely responsible for maintenance of a 200,000 barrel per day crude oil refinery and an average crew of 50 electricians.


Louis Sylvester
Estimator / Project Manager
Over 25 Years Experience                                   Design Build of:

  • Offices, Warehouses, Schools, Retail Centers and any Commercial Projects


Todd Lukas
Project Manager / Estimator / Journeyman Electrician
Over 20 Years Electrical Experience     
Design Build
Certified AutoCAD Operator

Commercial Projects Including:

  • Healthcare, Education, Gaming, and Retail

Industrial Work Including:

  • Nuclear and Food/Beverage


Dennis Glastetter
Project Manager / Estimator / Journeyman Electrician
Over 20 Years Electrical Experience  
Design Build
Process Controls
Industrial Projects
Automotive Industry


Dennis DiPasquo
Estimator / Project Manager
Over 45 Years Electrical Experience
Design Build of:

  • Offices, Warehouses, Schools, Retail Centers and any Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects
Industrial Projects
Electrical Engineering


Ryan Lardi
Estimator / Project Manager
Over 15 Years Electrical Experience                              Process Control
Machinery & Controls
Commercial Projects
Industrial Projects
Electric Heat Trace Installations


Chuck Lander
Local 150 Operating Engineer / Project Manager / Estimator
Over 15 Years Heavy Machine Operating Experience   Commercial Projects
Operates Cranes, Backhoes, Combination Loaders, and Trenchers


John McLuckie
General Foreman
Over 35 Years Electrical Experience                              Power Distribution
Process Control
PLC’s System Integration
Machinery & Controls
Installation and Relocation
Communications & Computer Cabling


Paul Mackey
Over 35 Years Electrical Experience
Decorative Lighting Systems
Site & Underground Utilities
High Voltage Installations
Machinery Operator


John Young
Electrical Engineer
Over 20 Years Experience
Operations Engineer


Martin Martinez
Safety Manager
Over 5 Years Experience                                     Martin Martinez directs Indicom safety policies and coordinates with our clients to ensure a safe work environment is maintained for both the employees and our clients.


Kelly Cook
Electrical Engineer / Project Scheduler
Over 35 Years Experience
Kelly Cook was brought onto our staff to handle all of our Primavera project scheduling capabilities and to assist in our design department.